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The super high-five bet is a trend introduced by Santa Anita and called the most “exotic” wager. Though initially believed to be a minor swing in horse-racing, this bet has over the time started to gain popularity. Ever since its progress, this wager is offered in different racecourses like Churchill Downs to its supporters. Santa Anita offers the wager on the final race on each of the days.


To win a super high-five bet, you have to pick 5 horses in the absolute finishing order in the race to which you are designated. You can begin with a minimum stake of $0.50. It is to be minded that both Super-high bet and Pentafecta bet share the same minimum stake. This wager is all about how lucky you can be with numbers. There are a million combinations and a lot of money you can win on a single race. Anyone can win, but again, anyone can lose too. You can start with these ideas:

  1. Choose a partner: The best part of having a partner is that you can share the cost of a bet and cry less over the loss. You can also get your best friend with you and share the winnings.
  2. Go for the reverse handicap method: Eliminate a few set of numbers and choose from the rest. You will need your best instincts to avoi eliminating the winning numbers.
  3. Opt for the budget bets: You can get tickets of different budgets such as $1 tickets, $2 tickets, $4 tickets, $8 tickets, $16 tickets, $32 tickets, $54 tickets, $60 tickets and $120 tickets.


The super high-five bet has unlimited wins which are determined the parimutuel betting system in which each and every winning tickets shares the collected pool of money (excluding the amount of money taken by the track taken as commission). However, one of the most life-changing wins could be if you can win the Super High-Five horse bets against a heaping stack of odds. For instance, on picking up a correct Super High-Five sequence on a $1 wager ticket in the 2014 Kentucky Derby would have paid you off an unbelievable amount of almost $149,764.0. In 2017, a Super High-Five horse bet win at the Derby horse race would have gotten you almost $150,000 i.e. if you could predict California Chrome finishing first, followed by Commanding Curve as the first runner-up, Danza as the second runner-up along with Wicked Strong and Samraat taking the 4th and 5th positions respectively, rounding up the top 5 positions in the race.


There is a high hope that the Super High Five horse bet will get its share of higher popularity to significant goals for punters and speculators to bet on especially since the pool keeps turning over. The growing numbers in tracks that have approved the wager as a part of the sport, the Super High-Five horse bet is estimated to be soon alter into a permanent clash in the industry of horse racing.